A hybrid game that lets you solve puzzles in real life while solving a Detective Case.

Detective Riley Lawson is the best detective of Greyhaven and is on the case of the recent death of Dr. Isaac Gallagher. 

The game will provide a series of inventive and braintwisting puzzles you have to solve in real life. Printing them out is recommended/required. Additionally you may need a writing implement and a cutting implement. These puzzles can be found in "attachments.zip".

Controls: WASD/Arrows to move. Shift/Ctrl/Alt for running, Space/Enter to interact, F12 to enter Fullscreen

If you can't figure out how to proceed, or you wish to see the full game without pondering over my puzzles, there is a solution in "solution.zip", the password for this file is "SOLUTION".

Made by ProfPille

Contains one Extra Origami Zoey!


attachments.zip 1 MB
solution.zip 93 kB
Detective_win64_v2.zip 11 MB
Detective_Linux_v2.zip 12 MB
Detective_Mac_v2.zip 13 MB
Detective_HTML.zip 5 MB
Detective_win64.zip 13 MB

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I loved this game! The art style was great, the puzzles were interesting (though I used the solutions page because I couldn't use my printer at the moment). The solutions page was cool as well because it really showed how much thought was put into the puzzles! I had experienced some bugs with the web version of the game, such as the character clipping through doors and Enter bringing up one prompt for a password no matter where the player was, but these were not present on the desktop version of the game, so I didn't worry too much about it. I also just want to let you know a fun fact I figured out while playing: the Shovel Knight: Specter of Torment soundtrack works really well with this game, specifically the tracks "The Magic Mirror" and "Tools of War" work surprisingly well!

Thank you! I am quite proud of several of the sprites, It is actually surprising how expressive such a limited color palette can be! The Solution was indeed intended to show the thought process behind the game, especially for those with limited time or no printer.

I'll check out those songs! :D

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I love the attachment idea, although it may be a bit tougher for players who can't print things out! Still, I feel like a REAL detective game, and dang it feels fun! It's fun having a little text-adventure mystery game where you gotta really look for the clues around, and get passwords for attachments!

Great job! (I'm also glad you've made the solutions attachment as well, I really appreciate that!)

I love playing jazzy music in the background while playing these games!

*Comment Pact Club*

Thank You! Making the player feel like a real detective was one of the main goals of my design :D That's one of the reasons why Detective Riley Lawson, the best detective of Greyhaven, is portayed in questioning competency through parody :D

I was listening to LA Noir Soundtrack while designing the game. Would've loved to make some music, but time ran out. But i think this was already ambitious enough.

At first I just started playing without reading the text descriptions and was completely confused where to find the said attachments lol

I enjoy anything that requires me to use extra resources to solve puzzles. I also like how the game is narrated through the private eye monologue. I just wish the fonts were more readable since reading is an important part of the game.

Thank you! I agree, the fonts aren't ideal. Had real trouble with them, as godot doesn't use System fonts, so I had to get free fronts online. Additionally it aliases these fronts when increasing the font size, making them look really bad, especially for pixel fonts.  D:

Hope you had fun puzzling :D

Hey, man!  That's a nice idea with the attachments! 👍
Kinda makes you feel like a real private eye :) I like it!
Stay funky,


Thank you :D Making you feel like the detective instead of just your character was one of the main goals for this game! Glad it works :D