A short story (ca. 7000 words) about delivering letters, but the letters are addressed to no one. Prepare to descend into a surreal parable with multiple endings (at least 8 playthroughs to see everything).


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He didn't remember seeing another path. Must've been horrible, knowing of them only to not know of them.

This was a really interesting story. There was an interesting story to tell and although I'm not sure I understood any/everything, it sure got me thinking about some stuff. The writing style is one I personally haven't really seen before, it manages to conjure up weird and vague images of a bizzare world, that isn't nessecarily to be understood. I really enjoyed my time beyond the wall. However I do have to say; They're not too frequent, but Typos are the ultimate immersion breaker here. It always took a while to get the feel for the world back after one.

 The amount of player choice seemed just about right here. Pondering what letter to give, or to just let it be is something I thoroughly enjoyed, and yet it still feels like it is not my story, nothing I can control, because she is someone else, and she knows a bit more, and that put me in a very interesting 'interactive observer' role, which seemed perfect for this story. 

I personally would have liked some athmospheric music, but I understand that 1 that's not everyones thing and 2 it just wasn't the focus of this jam. Overall, I really enjoyed this, and the style may be something worth exploring further.

I didn't get all the way though it but what I did read was very well written. The only real thing I can complain about is the very small typos. But overall very great game, book, thing? 

I'm impressed with how much you got in. the writing had a fairly consistent flow and feel, though there were a few times I felt confused as the perspective seemed like it shifted characters. A long read, but a interesting one.

Thank you so much!!
I intentionally tried to make the perspectives a bit fluid, to show down the breaking of interpersonal boundaries in the process of connecting :D

Surreal indeed! While typos are a small thing to complain about, it feels like there's a lot here - probably because the Twine editor doesn't both giving you red or green "misspelled" underlines - and it pulls the reader out of the bizarre, mysterious, interesting, world you're building.

It would have been cool if the text/background color shifted with the color of each character you speak to as well. Certainly not necessary, but could help reinforce the mood you're going for.

Thank you so much :D

Would've loved to do some more evocative visuals with some illustrations and different colors. Didn't have enough to do that, or do spell checking either :D

I liked your word choice, it was very evocative - like reading a long poem!

Thank you ! I used to write poems and indeed tried to apply that process to the lengthy making of a game story :D

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I watched this on the Bean Borg stream, and I decided to give it a look myself! I like your distinct way of writing! I liked being introduced to this strange new world! You really "painted" a distinct picture within my mind! Good work! I wasn't able to read all the endings however!

I wish there was a way to see which number ending you got at the end of the game!

I'm gonna try to figure out the best ending with everyone getting the letters they want the most probably lol.


Thank you!
The endings are a bit complicated as i am combining different phrases depending on the choices (would've loved to make more if i had more time). So there are technically like 28 endings, i think. But you can see all phrases by strategically playing through 8-9 times.